Who are you – butterfly or tornado?

Albert Einstein is the father of modern theoretical physics – master of light and gravity, splitter of atoms, bender of space… Generations have been influenced and altered by the overwhelming power of his scientific discoveries. Einstein was inarguably a force of nature – a tornado.

Steve Jobs was a visionary inventor, pioneering tech designer, master of complex simplicity, mystical creator of needs we didn’t even know we had. It would be difficult to identify someone who has influenced this generation’s image of itself than Steve Jobs.

Last month, we discussed the inevitable uploading of our digital existence to the cloud. Almost single-handedly, Steve Jobs created the tech-device revolution that’s driving our digital relocation into the cloud. Even more, Jobs’ dominance over our tech landscape is so powerful that regardless of whether we believe that this path is towards salvation or destruction, either way we can’t seem to escape it any more than Einstein’s physics. Steve Jobs was inarguably a force of nature – a tornado.

In this episode of The Question podcast, you will hear highlights from Frederick Tamagi’s presentation on “Butterfly or Tornado”, as well as the music of Hello Moth.