Have you ever had something synchronistic happen to you, and if so, have you ever wondered why? Have you ever had anyone say to you that things happen for a reason, and if so, what was your first response?

Sometimes these incidents are convenient, like when a parking space opens up just when you drive up to it.

Some are comforting, like when you were thinking of a friend or a loved one, and moments later they called you or sent you a text.

Some are a little more challenging, like when you left a fancy restaurant after an expensive meal, and then encountered a hungry homeless man digging through a dumpster.

These strange and random combination of events always seem to occur with a minimum level of expectation, and virtually no concept of connectedness. We don’t or can’t intentionally cause these random combination of events to occur, but when it does occur, the outcome will often leave us with a decision as to whether or not the combination of events was truly random.

The fourth TQ podcast features highlights from our fourth gathering in December. You’ll hear clips from our presenter Frederick Tamagi, as well as the poetry and music of Jeremy Park, who also shares what his art means to him.