Apart from the Bible account of the magi journey, the Roman historian Josephus separately makes reference to a magi visit to Herod’s court in the approximate year of 10 BC.

According to some historians, Herod the Great was supposed to have died in the approximate year of 4 BC. This means he died four years before he is described as being not dead, when the Bible says the royal baby was born in 1 BC. For good or for bad, there is strong circumstantial evidence for the inexactitude of ancient time, but the fluidity of ancient time is a weird benefit to balancing the modern and the ancient. This time fluidity forces ArcheoScientists to all have their own from of The Question community, because ancient time will always be a kind of question in itself, and will always be debated, and never confirmed.

This inherit difficulty with time certainty also forces us to balance our modern rigidity with ancient perspective. The requirement for balance also opens up the choice for us to be either judges or thinkers.

In this video, presenter Frederic Tamagi continues to explore the controversy of the star of Bethlehem.