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It is common knowledge that, when plants are praised and spoken to positively, they thrive and grow, but when they are condemned and rejected, they become stunned or even die. If you have this effect on your plants, just think of the effect you have on another human being! – Dr. Robert Anthony

And let’s not forget that plants need water for photosynthesis, a process plants use to create their food. As water enters a plant’s stem, it travels up to its leaves, and this is where photosynthesis takes place. Without water, this process cannot occur.

But Anthony doesn’t stop there. He also suggests that metal atoms respond differently to different personalities.

Here’s another direct quote from his book:

Have you ever noticed how some people always have trouble with their automobiles? Their vehicles just don’t respond to them. Yet another person “talks” to his and it responds trouble-free, trip after trip. It would seem that even inanimate things can sense love. Preposterous? It has been scientifically demonstrated that metal atoms respond differently to different personalities. – Dr. Robert Anthony

Anthony has given us a few different things to think about here, hasn’t he?

First, the idea that water has a vibration and that it increases in radiation when consistently exposed to positive thought. If you remember, he also said that positive thought can be transferred to an object.

Second, the idea that plants thrive when spoken to in a positive manner, and that we should consider the effect our words have on other human beings.

Third, the idea that metal atoms respond differently to different human beings.

Let’s begin by exploring this idea of vibrations.