Having seen the examples of Picasso’s centaur, Dr. August Kekule’s Benzene Ring, Leslie Lemke’s sudden ability to perform Tchaikovsky, Ellen Boudreaux’s perfect inner clock, or perhaps even your own personal stories of unexplained inspiration, have you come away with more questions?

Here are some questions presenter Frederick Tamagi encourages us to explore:

  • Is Dr. Bohm’s theory about the quantum existence of consciousness a possible new lens through which we can examine these stories?
  • Do our thoughts have a quantum-based identity that not only enables them to occupy space in our consciousness, but also enables them to pass through space like so many neutrinos?
  • Is there a reason to think that the inherent talents and abilities that we euphemistically call “gifts” are in fact actual gifts that are somehow transplanted into our neural field?
  • Could this unseen transfer of gifts be one way of explaining the reason for our neural heart to operate so powerfully outside of our body?