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Everything is made of energy and has a distinct frequency or vibration. The Divine Law of Vibration states that nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates… With today’s technology, quantum physicists have shown that matter may appear to be solid, but when you look at it through extremely high powered microscopes to see its smallest components: molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, photon, etc. it is space filled with frequency and vibration. You, your table, and your car seem solid, but it is the frequency of the vibration of the energy that makes these things different. Not only does your body, but your thoughts, words, desires, intent, and feelings, have distinct vibrations. Your vibrations affect everything around you in your environment, including people, animals, vegetative, and inanimate objects, and they in turn affect you and all become part of universal knowledge. The philosophical and scientific basis for this Law of Vibration can be found in quantum physics and in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Energy is related to matter and the speed of light. This is Einstein’s famous E = mc2 equation. When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of resonance.