Archeomythology, archeoastronomy, medical archeology, and geomythlogy have all gradually transformed what was once a one-dimensional wall between science and myth into a multi-dimensional window that allows scientific principles, recorded history, human imagination, and cultural identity to exchange freely between modern and ancient mankind.

This free and fearless exchange of the modern and the ancient in order to better understand the nature of truth is like exploring a new dimension of living memories rather than merely visiting an old museum of dead artifacts.

Opening the window between science and myth is like first drawing an accurate, factual outline in black and white, and suddenly discovering an unlimited palette of new colors, tones and hues with which to articulate a deeper identity.

The courage of the scientific community to examine myth as a new alternative source in the ongoing search for truth contradicts our modern attitudes towards myth. But for many of us, the outright rejection of myth is our way of being scientific and safely segregated from the ignorance and the backwardness of our ancestors.

In this video, presenter Frederick Tamagi recaps his previous presentation on science and myth.