Unless we’re physicians or psychologists, we don’t often engage or fully understand the monumental connected reality of genetics, matter, energy, structure and relationship that enable us to be born and simply exist.

From this beginning place, we’re flung into all those other connected realities that make up the total experience of living on this earth – philosophical, social, economic, technological, ecological, political, sexual and relational. As if being in relationship with our own messed up, complicated selves wasn’t enough, we’re flung into relationships with everyone else – navigating the same complicated life of connected realities.

This occurs whether we want all those extra complications or not, escape it, simplify it or even medicated it. We are ultimately confronted with the connected realities of our complicated life. Ultimately, we reach a crossroads question about the message of this overwhelming complexity.

In this episode of The Question podcast, you will hear highlights from Frederick Tamagi’s presentation on “The Symmetry Within” as well as the music of Tim Gareau.