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Based on Emoto’s findings, Wiebe was prompted to investigate the power of words.

At first, his research was yielding very little. He often heard spiritual and personal development speakers and authors discuss this concept, but it was often based on experiential, scriptural or anecdotal evidence – evidence that may very well be valid, but would be difficult to validate or invalidate.

But this year he decided to re-read a book by Dr. Robert Anthony. He is one of his favorite authors in the personal development field. Although mostly unintended and synchronistic, he ended up finding a few quotes that provided him with some interesting insights into the power of words.

Robert Anthony earned a PhD in behavioral psychology from Pacific Western University and has worked as a psychotherapist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, master hypnotist and personal performance trainer.

He has authored over 15 books, and some of his most known works include The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence and Beyond Positive Thinking.

This quote and all that follow are from his 1979 self-help book, The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence.

…successful experiments involve photographs taken of ordinary drinking water while it is being prayed over and blessed. Preliminary photographs of the water showed very thin vibrations but as the same water was being sanctified, it registered significantly increased radiation indicating that the power of positive thought can be transferred to an object. – Dr. Robert Anthony

Although it may sound like Dr. Anthony is indeed referring to Emoto’s studies, that isn’t possible since his book was released in 1979, and Emoto didn’t begin his work on water until the mid-90s.