Here are some examples of concurrent events that may or may not be connected by meaning:

  1. The Heart EM Torus: the heart’s EM field extends upward and outward from the body, sometimes to a radius of 30 feet. The basic structure of this EM field is a geometric form called a Torus, which has a very unique motion signature.
  2. Dr. David Bohm: Dr. Bohm questioned how simple electromagnetic activity in our brain and other neural fields transforms into complex human consciousness. He theorized that limited electromagnetic neural activity must have an unseen quantum dimension that enables our virtually unlimited cerebral capacities. In essence, he proposed the existence of a quantum dimension of consciousness.
  3. Einstein’s spacetime model: depicts the effect of a central gravitational force on the movement of objects around the source. It also illustrates the influence of the gravitational source on the shape of the surrounding space as you move closer to it.
  4. The black hole & wormhole: the visionary work of quantum physicists like Wolfgang Pauli has given modern astrophysicists a new theoretical template to explain how black holes and wormholes might actually operate. Advances in technology have enabled us to investigate and verify some of this new theoretical template.